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If an individual experiences an injury while working, medical bills are often covered by Workers Compensation insurance.  Work injuries are a common cause of concussion and more severe brain injury.  In addition, some individuals who sustain injuries at work also experience pain, or experience significant difficulties in the area of psychological functioning.  Depression, anxiety, PTSD, nightmares, sleep disturbance, and fear of returning to work or activities associated with the injury are not uncommon.

If you are injured while working and have experienced memory or other cognitive difficulties, or have experienced psychological problems, you may benefit from the services provided by LINS.  Unlike many other sources of payment for neuropsychological/psychological services, evaluation/treatment under Workers Compensation requires a physician referral.  If you came across this website prior to obtaining a referral from a treating physician, you can print out this form and have a clinician complete it.

If you have been injured while working, the first contact with a neuropsychologist or psychologist at LINS will involve an initial consultation.  During the initial consultation, your concerns will be discussed, the doctor will review your injury and medical history, and complete a clinical interview.  At the end of the initial consultation, a plan will be established.  Unfortunately, most treatment services under Workers Compensation will require an authorization by the Workers compensation carrier.

In New York, the Workers Compensation system can be a challenging one for patients and doctors.  The staff at LINS are knowledgeable about the Workers Compensation system and will work with you, your treating physician, the workers compensation carrier, and the New York Workers Compensation board to help you to receive the most timely care possible.

As with other neuropsychological/psychological evaluations, the neuropsychological assessment performed in the context of a work injury provides objective information regarding the nature and severity of cognitive and psychological problems that an individual is experiencing.  In addition, the evaluation will often address concerns regarding disability and the degree to which any findings are likely to adversely impact return to work.

If you have been injured while working and believe that a neuropsychologist or psychologist may be able to help, the staff at Long Island Neuropsychological Services, PLLC can help you navigate through the Workers Compensation system.

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