Suffolk Office Phone: 631-676-1962
Nassau Office Phone: 516-686-9554

FAA Neuropsychological Examination

Because cognitive skills are particularly critical for aviation professionals, the objective assessment of thinking abilities may be required by the FAA in order for a pilot or air traffic controller to receive medical clearance. LINS neuropsychologists are qualified and certified to perform FAA-related neurocognitive evaluations.  If the FAA has requested that you undergo a neuropsychological evaluation, your evaluation requirements will be specified in a letter.   Depending on the nature of the request, evaluations may require 1.5 to 6 hours of assessment.  The Nassau County office is conveniently located for flight crews living near JFK, LaGuardia, and Islip airports.  Additionally, records related to the area of concern will need to be furnished to LINS for review.   Information related to FAA-related neuropsychological evaluations can be found at the following link: