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Learning disorders are neurological disorders that affect the way we process, learn, store, and recall information.  Learning disorders can result in difficulties learning specific academic material.  Learning disorders can affect one’s ability to read (Dyslexia), perform math problems (Dyscalculia), or with writing (Dysgraphia).  A Neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation which includes an interview and assesses IQ, academic achievement, attention, executive functioning, and other areas of cognitive functioning. The Neuropsychological evaluation provides measures of the student’s strengths and weaknesses which allows for recommondations that are personalized to the child (i.e., on an IEP/504 plan).  In addition, a neuropsychological evaluation is often required when applying for accomodations, such as extended time or a quiet environment,  in school and on standardized testing (e.g., SAT).  The sooner a student is evaluated; the sooner accommodations can be put into place to help them reach their full potential.

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