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A neuropsychological independent medical examination (IME) is a type of evaluation conducted by a neuropsychologist to assess an individual's cognitive and behavioral functioning. It is typically used to identify and diagnose neurological conditions or disorders that may affect brain function, such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, or dementia.

A neuropsychological IME is typically requested by an insurance company, employer, or legal representative to provide an independent assessment of an individual's cognitive and behavioral functioning. The neuropsychologist who conducts the evaluation is considered an "independent" evaluator, as they are not affiliated with the individual being evaluated or any other party involved in the case.

During a neuropsychological IME, the neuropsychologist will typically review the individual's medical history, conduct a variety of tests and assessments to evaluate cognitive and behavioral functioning, and provide a written report detailing their findings and recommendations. The results of a neuropsychological IME can be used to inform treatment decisions, determine eligibility for disability benefits, or provide guidance for legal proceedings.

Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) are performed to provide objective, unbiased information regarding an individual’s neuropsychological or psychological functioning.  Unlike traditional evaluations that are performed to benefit the individual patient, the IME is conducted at the request of a third party.  LINS neuropsychologists has experience conducting a range of IMEs.  The type of evaluation performed in the context of an IME is dependent upon the question being asked by the client (in the case of an IME, the client is the third-party payer).  At times, a third party will request an IME to obtain a second opinion regarding the clinical services providing by a treating physician/psychologist.  Often, these IMEs consist of a clinical interview, administration of validated self-report questionnaires designed to provide information regarding current psychological/cognitive functioning, and review of available medical records.  Typically, a brief report is produced that addresses only those questions specifically asked by the third party.  At other times, a third party may require objective information regarding an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.  In this case, a comprehensive evaluation is performed.  The comprehensive IME is similar in format to the traditional neuropsychological examination. A clinical interview is performed, medical/academic/occupational records are reviewed, collateral sources are interviewed, and a full battery of cognitive and psychological measures are administered. Typically a report is generated.  The length and breadth of the report produced is dependent on the needs of the client.

LINS neuropsychologists routinely performs IMEs at the request of insurance carriers, law firms, and employers.  An IME fee schedule is available upon request.

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