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Executive functions refer to a broad range of cognitive/brain processes that involve managing our lives (e.g., working memory, reasoning, problem solving and planning).  While many individuals struggle with executive functioning difficulties, people with ADHD often have a particular weakness in this area. Executive functioning coaching services are provided by LINS staff to aid in the development/improvement of everyday functioning abilities.  Coaching services are not medical interventions and are not reimbursable through healthcare insurance company.  While there are many options for coaches, LINS is unique in that all coaches are fellowship trained neuropsychologists with advanced training in cognitive science and cognitive interventions that are based on the clinician’s knowledge and expertise in brain systems that underlie learning and behavior.  Coaching services at LINS are available to teens and adults (7th grade through adulthood).  Because of the high demand for coaching services, current clinician availability is limited.  All services are provided via virtual technology (Google Meet).  

Executive functioning coaching provides teaching and practice of strategies to improve:

·       Time Management

·       Prioritizing tasks

·       Control of procrastination

·       Self-Monitoring and Emotional Management Skills

·       Complex Project Management

·       Study Skills

·       Test Preparation / Test Taking Strategies

Coaching services are very different from medically-based therapeutic services in that the goal is to improve everyday functioning.  While some of our clients have been formally diagnosed with ADHD or other brain conditions associated with executive functioning difficulties, many of our clients have simply identified executive functioning difficulties as a barrier to their ability to achieve success.

ADHD/Executive Functioning coaching can be a highly beneficial intervention for individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Our neuropsychologists are trained to help individuals with ADHD develop strategies to manage their symptoms and improve their ability to function in daily life. Through coaching, individuals with ADHD can learn to better organize their thoughts and tasks, manage their time more effectively, and improve their ability to focus and pay attention. Additionally, coaching can provide a supportive and non-judgmental space for individuals with ADHD to discuss their experiences and challenges, and develop personalized plans for achieving their goals. Overall, ADHD coaching can help individuals with ADHD lead happier, more productive, and more fulfilling lives. 

Coaching services begin with a 90-minute initial consultation during which the client and coach determine whether they are a good fit. Coaching clients typically meet with the neuropsychologist one or two times per week.   If you often feel that you (or your child) is unable to organize themselves, tend to forget appointments (or their homework), or find it very difficult to plan and complete larger projects, you may have difficulties with executive functions and may benefit from executive functioning coaching.

ADHD and executive functioning coaching FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the cost of ADHD/Executive Functioning Coaching?

2022 Rates

              Initial Consultation                                                    $300

              Individual Coaching Sessions (45 minutes)              $150

2.       Is coaching the same as cognitive therapy or cognitive remediation?

No.  Cognitive therapy and cognitive remediation therapy is a medical/psychotherapeutic intervention for individuals being treated for a neurological or psychiatric condition.  Coaching services are provided to improve academic, professional or everyday functioning by helping clients to improve their everyday executive functioning abilities.

3.       Can I submit my receipts for reimbursement from my health insurance company?

No.  There is no CPT or diagnosis code used by LINS staff in the context of executive functioning coaching.

4.       I have a big project coming up for work.  Can I work with a the coach for a specific project?

Yes.  Some clients choose to take advantage of executive functioning coaching for a short duration as they engage in a particular task.

5.       Can parents take part in coaching sessions?

Absolutely.  Executive functioning coaching services, particularly for younger teens, often benefit from the support of parents invested in the development of executive functioning skills in their child.

6.     Does the executive function coach treat anxiety, depression or other psychiatric/emotional problems?

No. coaching services are skill building/growth-promoting supports and are not therapeutic or designed to address medical or psychiatric problems. 

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