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Medical Education Coaching

Properly preparing and planning a pre-med/medical education that maximizes chances of successful admission and performance in medical school is a unique challenge.  While there are many services that provide educational information, study skills, tutoring, and coaching, the neuropsychologists at LINS believe that pre-medical/medical planning requires real-life experience with the process.  For this reason, LINS contracts with physicians with interests in helping students enter the challenging world of becoming a physician.  All medical education coaches will have completed an MD or DO degree and have real-world experience in a physician career.  Based on real world experience, our medical education coaches are expert in helping students fully understand the process, challenges, costs, and benefits that for many means sacrificing their 20s and 30s in pursuit of a goal that most would agree can only be understood by living the experience.

Pre-medical/medical education coaching is a unique educational services provided by LINS.  To our knowledge, this is the only practice in the country that combines the expertise in learning/cognition/motivation provided by LINS neuropsychologists in collaboration with physicians with a passion for helping students prepare (or at times choose not to prepare) for a doctoral level physician medical career.  Physician coaches help with:

  • Undergraduate/post-graduate preparation for competitive entry into medical school
  • Life planning and learning about the costs and rewards of a physician career from clinicians who have lived the experience and are willing to candidly share what they have learned.
  • Implementation of neuropsychologically-based study skills to help students learn most efficiently.  These study skills use real-life examples and experiences of the coaching physician. 
  • Coaching may focus on preparation for a specific exam (e.g., MCAT, Step 1, Step 2).
  • Choosing a residency specialty and increasing likelihood of  a match.

Pre-med/Medical school coaching begins with an intake and psychosocial interview.  Information about prior academic performance, learning style, personality, medical education, and long-term life goals will be reviewed.

The information gathered during the intake interview will be used to identify a good match of a medical education coach.  Some questions that a medical education coach can help answer:

1.       Is a physician medical-education path and physician career right for me?

2.       Am I a competitive candidate for achieving my goals? If not, what can be done to improve my chances of success?

3.       What don’t they tell you when planning a medical career?

4.       What are the long-term challenges of balancing personal/family life with a medical career?

5.       What are some good ways to manage medical education debt?

6.       What are some approaches that are helpful when managing challenging classes?

7.       How do you prioritize and plan study time so learning is most efficient?

8.       What are good stress management tools to aid in educational success?


1. What is the cost of Premed/Medical Education Coaching?

2022 Rates

              Initial Consultation                                                    $300

              Individual Coaching Sessions (45 minutes)              $150

2.       Is coaching the same as cognitive therapy or cognitive remediation?

No.  Cognitive therapy and cognitive remediation therapy is a medical/psychotherapeutic intervention for individuals being treated for a neurological or psychiatric condition.  Coaching services are provided to improve academic, professional or everyday functioning by helping clients to improve their everyday executive functioning abilities.

3.       Can I submit my receipts for reimbursement from my health insurance company?

No.  There is no CPT or diagnosis code used by LINS staff in the context of medical education coaching.

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